• Infidelity Investigations - Do you suspect your significant other may be unfaithful or cheating? Our investigators can assist you in getting to the truth and give you the solid evidence to move forward with your life. We understand that this can be a very difficult and stressful time when dealing with a suspected cheating spouse and that is why we handle these cases with great care and compassion.   It can be very difficult to start the process of investigating a loved one and because of this, it is crucial that you hire an investigative company that has the experience in these types of cases and operates ONLY at the highest level of professionalism. Let us provide you with the power of information so that you can put an end to the suspicion and anxiety. Contact us today and let our investigative team get you the answers you deserve.

Possible indicators and signs your significant other may be cheating:

  • Changes in your sex life. Has there been a decrease desire for intimacy? Your significant other may be getting their pleasure somewhere else.

  • Obsession with their cell phone.  Have they become extra protective of their mobile device?  When your spouse receives a phone call, do they immediately move from the room as to not be overheard on their phone conversation?

  • Any odd changes in financial activity.  More cash withdraws than normal may indicate they are covering a paper train as to where and what money is being spent on.

  • Are they spending longer hours at the office or business than normal?

  • Does your spouse have a password to their mobile device, computer or social media accounts? Do they frequently change their passwords? Maybe they started a new email account that you didn’t know about.  Are they deleting emails more often and emptying the trash?

  • Attending more social events alone. Possible cover-ups may be a girls’/guys’ night out or a business party, sales meeting or business dinner.

  • Changes in physical appearance.  Is your significant other become obsessed with their looks lately or more than usual? Did they get a gym membership in attempts to become more physically attractive?

  • Your intuition or a gut feeling that something just isn’t right.  A gut feeling of your significant other’s infidelity may yield an affair.

  • Not wearing their wedding band much anymore.  Are there photos on social media when he or she is at a social gathering and they are not wearing their wedding ring?

  • Changes in behavior.  When you have been married to your loved one for many years, these things may stand out. Are you being ignored or in the other extreme, are you suddenly being treated extremely kindly?

These are just a few signs your loved one may be living a double life. Common sense and your intuition are the strongest detectors.  If something isn’t adding up, then maybe it is time to discreetly dig into the matter and start getting some questions answered.